All Eyes On You

T-Shirt: She In
Skirt, Hat:H&M
Bag: Karl Lagerfeld

Evo jedna malo drugačija kombinacija. :) I ako je duvao jak vjetar nekako sam uspijela izvući par fotkica. Majica, kao što sam navela, je sa stranice She In i preporučila bih svakome da posijeti njihov sajt, tamo možete pronaći super modernu odjeću po veoma pristupačnim cijanama, a kvalitet je savršen. Ja lično najviše volim njihove majice jer se razlikuju od ostalih koji nalazimo po uobičajnim trgovinama. Posjetite njihov sajt i mozda pronadjete bas nešto za sebe.

Veliki poljubac!
Vaša H.

Vienna looks like the time just stopped and saved everything what looks extraordinary magical. But there`s this wind that doesn´t allow you to take any pictures, to save the magic on paper, if this is even possible at all. Anyway, I managed to take few pictures to show you how something you wear can bring the magic out of you. I saw this shirt on the website She In, the little girl inside of me giggled loud and I knew I need to have it. There is something special between me and clothes, I see something and feel inside of me that I need to have it, that it`s made just for me, to complete my uniqueness. So it was with these shirts on the website She In, I don`t know why, maybe because they are as unique as I am, as everyone of us is, and you can´t just find it in other stores. But, for sure, the best thing about the clothes on this website is that they put quality over quantity. The quality of their clothes is perfect, but for affordable prices, so that everyone of you can find something that it`s just perfect and special for you.  Never forget to bring the magic out of you, and show that the hardest wind can´t destroy everything.