Take care of yourself

Hair by : Atelier S
Make Up by: Beauty Salon La Femme 
Photo by: Teodora Čikić

 Hello my dear beauties! I know I haven't been active with my blog in past few months, but I was going trough some big changes in my life so I didn't have time to devote to you or my fashion blog. So I came across at some I can't call them a problematic issues but to be sencire that is something that every woman is going trough on everyday basis. After a while I decided to write a blog about it. In everyday rush we forget to take care about ourselves. As a womn  I can tell you sometimes I just want to spend all my day in PJs, not brushing my teeths, eating junk food, sleeping and watching movie's or tv shows. Bu girls,dear girls we need to take care about ourselves. Not only about our skin or hair or body too,we need to go deeper. Take care about our souls! Spend your time by reading books, walking, laughing, kissing, doing thinhs that make us happy andfulfilled... Eat healthier food, experience more, live the life you wan that is the only thing that is counting after all.
So you seen my photo's on this blog post and you see perfect make up, nails,hair well that things make me more beautiful and attractive, but if you are satisfied if youlive the life you want everyone can read it from you eyes. Becouse fr me the eyes are the reflection of your soul.
Now I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to my make uo artist Dajana and my hair stylist Suyana for the work and support for all these years, you make me feel beautiful and I'm glad tht we have such good collaboratin. You can see their work and salons at these links: Beauty Salon La Femme  , Atelier S .
And after all someone needed to take photo's of me, right? :) Teodora is my godmother and it's quite amazing how good  connection we have betweeb us, such a happy and positive vibe relationship. She is a brilliant and creative young artist and I'm so proud andamazed by her art work. You can also check it out on thic link Teodora Čikić .
And thank you my dear readers and followers, this is going to be one wonderful year! xoxo



  1. so pretty look ;-))

    i invite to me too


  2. so inspiring, i'm exactly the same!! Our lives are so busy we need to focus on ourselves more :)

    Lori Hearts // Check out my blog!