Glossybox Austria

I have waited sooo long, and finally it is here: The Glossybox review! 
It was sent to me in April but as I am currently in the US, I got it in May. I couldn't decide in what language to write so at the end I chose English, hopefully now everybody has a chance to reed it ;). I have to thank the Glossybox team for sending me this surprise Box! If you are not familiar with the Glossybox model, here are some facts:

1. Glossybox has a price of € 17,95 monthly
2. Its a subscription and you can cancel it anytime 
3. You can pay with the credit card or pay pal 
4. You always get at least four luxury-samples and one in the original size!
5. It will arrive at your home address at the end of each month
6. You newer know what is inside, so it's always a surprise, although you can fill out your preferences online

All other information are available on Glossybox 

Eau Thermale Avène - Thermal-waterIs one of the highlights in the box, very refreshing for the face. Can come in handy when traveling or after the sun when your face feels dry. I would buy it again, cause it gives me an instant moisterising effect when I need it!

ARTDECO Shadow- has a nice nude color and I used it as a highlighter. As I am already using some of the Artdeco products, I know this one also stays long on your face. It's kind'a good for me as I mostly use nude colors, but as I already have so many I wouldn't by it again

Nail Feil - Is quite good, you can get nice nails instantly. The thing is only that I newer wear nude nails, so I don't really need it. I was using it after some darker nail colors, just to get rid of the yellow spots on my nails. It gives really nice polished, shiny nails.

BC Hair Oil - Is one of the best products I tried, would have been good if I have gotten this one as an original one. And as I get  fizzy hair easily, during the years I have tried a whole bunch of different stuff. After I finished my current hair-oil I will by it again! Tips for using  it: after the hair-wash and after drying add it a as a final touch.

Isabelle Lancray Cleanser- what I have noticed first that it is nicely smelling and very gentle on my face. Cleans nicely and leaves skin soft. As I have a lot of these, I probably don't need another one for a long time so I wouldn't purchase it now.

Tiroler Nüssol -  lip-balm and lip suncare. Gives results on the spot, but is litle too thick for me. As I am not a person that spends days in the mountains or somewehere where I can use it most appropriately I wouldn't by it again. However for all those who are mostly exposed to the sun or the wind I would recommend it. I am planing on using it at the beach this summer.

Jester Lorena Orange green-tee milk - THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE BOX!. One of the best body milks I have ever tried. Has a fantastic smell, like an icecream, and is organic. I love it because I am not a great fan of the artificial smells and body creams. I am going to buy it as soon as I go back to Vienna.

All in all, I am very happy with the contents of the Box. The thing that I definetly love are the Moister Milk and the Aqua spray. I've had so much fun opening the box and not knowing what is inside! So if you want to surprise yourself every month it would be a good investment. Every now and then I get some offers from Glosssybox so you can save some money by ordering it. Stay tuned...

Have you heard about Glosssybox? Do you like it? What do you thing about this concept of selling? I was thinking on having more reviews like this on my blog, what do you say?



  1. Ja sam pala sa marsa izgleda, nisam znala da se to plaća :) Super proizvodi, senke mi se baš sviđaju, volim te boje.

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  3. Cool... I'm still considering if I should get it :D